Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your conditioning, or are going through rehabilitation, the most important thing is that you understand what it takes to get to your result.

Are you tired of putting a considerable amount of effort into your fitness and wellbeing without actually being on the correct path for success? 


It’s time to work smarter and not harder; Jenny Lam can help you!


As your personal trainer, Jenny will develop a bespoke fitness and wellbeing program that will help you on the path to achieving your goals. Her positive, hands-on approach is a perfect motivation, whether you are a beginner to training or wanting help to push through to the next level.


Everything starts with a basic assessment of where you are and what you want to achieve. Your first session will allow Jenny to test for your body’s strengths, weaknesses, and level of mobility. Once Jenny gets an understanding of your body, she will put together a bespoke fitness and wellbeing plan that is fun to follow.


If you have had any history of injury, your plan will take not only account of this but also aid to rebuild and rehabilitate, making you even stronger than before.


It doesn’t matter if you are in a gym or using your home space, Jenny can create a program for you that works. Every exercise will target specific muscle groups, and every movement will get you closer to your goal.


Using her many years of experience and passion for so many different types of fitness, your work out will have a continually changing variety that keeps you motivated, challenged, and engaged. From running to kickboxing, kettlebells to yoga, Jenny’s passion for all things active brings elements from all of these disciplines to combine to keep your routines fresh.


So why wait any longer? It’s time to train with Jenny!